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Shipping cost

The customer is responsible for the delivery fee (for purchases under HUF 50,000), the amount of which varies depending on the country and the size of the image.

The price of home delivery in Hungary:

HUF 2,200 - small-sized pictures and prints (pictures under 40x50 cm)

HUF 3,500 - medium and large-sized pictures (over 40x50 cm)


Home delivery is available in the following European countries:


Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Greece, Estonia, France, Portugal, Spain. In the case of shipping abroad, the shipping fees are higher, you can check the fees during payment, at the shipping and payment point!


The delivery time is 3-7 working days (from Monday to Friday) depending on the ordered product, the capacity and the time of delivery.

  The indicated prices are gross prices and include 27% VAT.



The prices include the cost of packaging

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